Vessels tend to have short, hard lives often 35 years or less. Her sailors usually outlive her by many years. Photographers and Marine Artists capture the appearance and spirit of the ship to share with future generations. Marine art is more than a pleasant picture that looks great on your wall- its a little bit of history that you help to preserve! 

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"LAKE MICHIGAN"  on Academy Board approx dimensions 9"X4.5" marked far right corner "1912" far left corner "JAP"

This miniature painting is in very good condition especially considering it is nearly 100 years old!. The features are much sharper than the image may indicate as I scanned it with the glass frame on at only 72dpi. Taking a 10X loupe there is amazing detail including the lapstrake hulls on the bottom of the lifeboats! Note the small scratch in the surface approx 3/4 inch long just to the right of the title. The colours include a greyish sky and dark green-black water. Even the portholes have detailing which is really quite amazing. Wood frame. detail on back of work indicates it was done on "ACADEMY BOARD Quality B Geo Rowney & Co, Artists' Colourmen and Pencil Makers London England" The appearance of the work  and supplier's label is consistent with the date 1912. 

When viewing this piece one is attracted to its quality and appearance. An opportunity to own a bit of history for a very affordable price. 

           Price $125US  

RMS QUEEN ELIZABETH postcard mounted under glass, wood frame, size of frame approx 5 3/4X8" to the left reads "R.M.S. QUEEN ELIZABETH to the right reads "Docked at Yarrows Limited 1942". On the back of the backing paper reads the handwritten inscription " May 3, 1946 Merryman family saw artists Picture Collection at Empress Hotel. Originally purchased as part of a collection when VMD shipyards closed down in Victoria BC by local collector. Note the mounting of this card is amateur for example the matt appears to be brown craft paper cut by hand. The appearance and condition of the piece supports the 1946 date. A half century old this is an interesting image of the Queen Elizabeth during the first years of the second World War while in dry dock in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

On a historical note the postcard documents the visit of this huge 85,000 ton liner to Victoria (two months after Pearl Harbour) for conversion to a troop carrier. She required ten tons of paint for her hull! And over 1000 workmen toiled over her boilers and turbines.

$50 US


HMCS CRUSADER  This is a rare artifact (print)from HMCS CRUSADER when she was fighting the enemy in the Korean war. The top reads " An R.C.N. "War-Dog" sends Greetings from Korean War Zone" The artist is "F.R.F. Blakeney" It appears that this is a cover page taken from possibly a Christmas card type of greeting. The page itself is slightly creased on the bottom (not on the image) the page size being 10 1/2X12 1/2" and the image size is 6 X10 1/4". The material is heavy cover stock. At the top margin of the paper there are two mounting holes that will not be visible when the print is mounted.  This was an S class destroyer some 365 feet long with a crew of 250.  Her main armament was 4  4.5 "guns. She participated in 60 bombardments and completely destroyed four trains earning membership in the TrainBusters's Club. She spend 13 months in the war zone and suffered no losses of crew despite being anchored within range of communist shore batteries over 106 times. This picture should be mounted to prevent any future damage and to offer a pleasant display. We can offer it to you at a lower price as is and you can arrange your own mounting when convenient. Given that the print is over half a century old it is the image is in very good condition. A rare find and we have only one. 

$50 US. 

HMCS COMOX Launched at V.M.D. April 24,1952 This was obtained in Victoria BC after VMD closed down. Black and White photograph on mounting board. Approx 10"X13.25". This photograph was never mounted under glass and consequently there are some marks on the mounting board and minor markings on the image. The photograph is coming loose from the mounting board in the centre and left part of the picture and should be refastened or preferably mounted under glass.  The photograph is much sharper than the scan which was done at only 72 dpi. Approximately 20 workers can be seen watching the ship hit the water. The COMOX was a wooden Bay class minesweeper of 152 feet with a crew of 3 officers and 35 men. She was commissioned in 1954 then transferred to the Turkish navy as TIREBOLU in 1958 . Another rare RCN artifact and priced quite reasonably at:




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