"WRINKLES IN PRACTICAL NAVIGATION Captain Lecky 1904 -14th edition 812 pages

Anyone who writes a book over 800 pages should be shot. Really! 

This copy is over a hundred years old and showing its age. It has a few loose pages with normal wear on the cover but they are all there and the pages are in good condition for the most part and all are entirely readable. Lets call it fair condition and you will not be disappointed. Remember its is very old and you will need to take care of it. I doubt it will last another hundred years. 

This is a classic and anyone who is interested in navigation and taking a vessel to sea should at least look it over. There are many practical hints in it. Some would say too many practical hints and others would claim that after 812 pages their eyesight was destroyed and they lost interest in navigation and took up serious drinking instead. 

All through the book Capt Lecky drops hints like this

"... To conclude the chapter- There is a proverb that -You should never lend to any one your horse, your gun or your dog" It also applies to the sextant- only more so. Bear it in mind dear boy" 

or this gem..

..."use hexagonal pencils - they won't roll off the table like round ones and are just a cheap. Common Sense"

A cruel thought has struck me that Capt Lecky is the Martha Stewart of Navigation.

So if you feel a need to fill your head with practical information about navigation here is your chance. I must admit that there are many gems in the book and any effort you make to plough through all the pages will net you a lot of useful knowledge. All of us know that the GPS will do all the navigation for us now- but what happens when the batteries go dead or the spousal unit in a fit of pique tosses the sucker overboard. Then its back to the Mk 1 eyeball and whatever we can remember from Capt Lecky. Because Captain Lecky didn't have GPS, or a computer or even a calculator! I must admit that when I studied Navigation with the Royal Canadian Navy we used the Admiralty Manuals and although it was available- we managed to avoid Lecky's Wrinkles but looking back if I had to do it again I would book off from one or two runs ashore and speed read the damn thing. One aspect of being a good sailor is to learn from previous generations - there is simply too much to learn by your own experience. 

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