Old Books or as they say ...Antiquarian 


This is a LOT of Antiquarian quarter bound (small) books. When I say a LOT I mean quite a few, in this case 12. 

The books measure approx 4 1/2" X 5 3/4" so will easily fit into a pocket purse or brief case. Its a little unusual to find so many at once. But here they are! 

There is normal wear on most of the books and previous readers have appended notes to the back of a few of them- several in excellent penmanship you simply do not see today! On average they are in good condition and all are complete and entirely readable. These books are nearly 100 years old and one would expect more wear but it appears they have spent most of their lives on a shelf rather sharing a backpack with a tuna fish or egg salad sandwich. 

You will note that these titles are all classics. The type of books that you really should read but may have never had the time. There are many reasons to purchase these books. As gifts to a student of English Literature, by teachers as affordable student gifts, to establish an instant classics library, to read something on the subway or train or car or boat or whatever. To take with you on vacation. To trick people into thinking you are a cultured refined individual of means when actually all you want to do is eat popcorn and drink beer. 

One might expect to pay a small fortune for a collection of books like this. But one would be wrong. This is a steal! You would pay more for the shipping if you purchased these books individually!

$50 US for all 12 books plus shipping handling


It is difficult to know where to start on this one. It's a big sucker of a book. 2284 pages!!!!!6X81/4 X4 inches thick. In England they have a very established class structure system with royalty at the top and various and sundry nobles and officials. Who can keep them all straight and woe to the poor slug who calls an Earl a Baron. Or what do you call a Baron's wife? "Yo Baron's Wife!" just won't cut it! (Its "Your Ladyship") Those who study genealogy are always looking for some link to past royalty. There is the dream that somewhere in the UK there is a castle with your name on it. Where do you check out family members to make that connection? Thats right - this is the book! There are thousands and thousands of names and detailed information on each which is a staggering amount of genealogical information. The book is bound in red cloth with gold gilt letters. The cover shows some wear on the crease but nothing worrisome for a book over half a century old. It would be a welcome and impressive addition to any library.



This is a rare find. Telephone Talk was the company news magazine for the British Columbia Telephone Company. Each edition of from 28 to over 30 pages was a wealth of information both on the technical and staff at the phone company. There are hundreds of pictures of telephone staff.  This was prior to the time when the phone company was purchased by Telus and during a time when morale was high and high standards of customer service were the norm. Not to put too fine a point on it that all changed when Telus took over. Here is a listing of the editions included in this lot:

Jan -Feb 1944

May-June 1945

July- Aug 1952

Jan- Feb 1953

July Aug 1953

May-June 1954

July Aug 1954

Jan- Feb 1955

Sept -Oct 1955

Jan -Feb 1957

March -April 1957

May- June 1957

July- Aug 1957

Sept- Oct 1957

Jan- Feb 1958

March -April 1958

May- June 1958

July -Aug 1958

Sept -Oct 1958

Nov- Dec 1958

March - April 1959

May- June 1959


The collection will be of interest to telephone collectors, history buffs, family members, family researchers, retired employees, and the many images shown are an invitation to step back into times half a century ago before computers and cell phones. The collection is being sold as one lot as it would be criminal to break it up. $100.00 for all 22 editions. The editions are all in very good condition. Very interesting reading!